Ugh. That was some ugly football this weekend. We expect it will get better as the season progresses. This week, we highlight our standout moments from last week in football, talk about Andrew Lucks bad luck (sorry), Goodell’s comments on Kaepernick, and Kobe getting his jerseys retired. Here’s the show outline:

2:13 – College Football/NFL – What stood out to you this weekend?

20:30 – Andrew Luck could be out until October. Is it too early to say the season is over for the Colts? Is Andrew Luck washed up?

32:19 – This past week, Roger Goddell said “He wasn’t a football expert and didn’t know why Colin Kaepernick was in the NFL.” Also, Ray Lewis said the Ravens “were about to sign Kaepernick until his girlfriend posted a racist tweet about him and the Ravens owner.” Who told the bigger lie?

59:58 – Kobe Bryant’s numbers get retired – The Lakers have announced that they are retiring both numbers that Kobe wore…#8 and #24. If it was your decision and you could only retire one number, which would it be? Why?

1:09:30 – Closing thoughts – Jemelle Hill, Cleveland Indians/LA Dodgers, More on Jemelle

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