The Squad ft. Nicki D’usse (NoDissRespect) and Shelton x KP (Black Korea)

What’s up everyone – we’re back with another episode this week and we’re super excited to share this show with you. Rod, Feefo, and B are all out this week. Sitting in for them are Nicki D’usse from the NoDissRespect, Frames Per Second, Dead End Sports podcasts and Shelton x KP from the Black Korea podcast produced by Feefo. We revisited (again) our discussion on Jermaine Dupri, Africans x Lotion and A$AP with our guests. We also give you all some grocery shopping tips, why Madonna should’ve known better, and how we deal with anger issues, self-care, and more. 

Timestamps: 6:00 – Grocery shopping tips 7:00 – Publix, Food Depot, Aldi, and Kroger 11:00 – Africans vs lotion part 2 33:36 – Four Congresswomen 38:20 – White Security Guard pulls a gun on black Sheriff Deputy 41:00 – Madonna 1:01:00 – Marvel Phase 4 lineup announced 1:12:00 – Comment Commentary

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