12Kyle is back taking the helm this week. This week, we weigh in on the first few games of the NBA Playoffs thus far. We also hit a few football related topics touching on Dallas Cowboys releasing Dez Bryant and whether or not the Patriots are done as a dynasty.

6:40 Pacers/Cavaliers
21:00 Wizards/Raptors
26:03 Bucks/Celtics
33:04 Heat/Sixers
45:29 Embiid Tired of being babied
51:50 Wolves/Rockets
55:52 Pelicans/Blazers
59:31 Jazz/Thunder
1:04:41 Kawhi Done with the Spurs?
1:16:17 Dez Bryant Cut
1:30:30 Brady vs. Belichek
1:40:00 Can the Celtics pull a ’04 Pistons?

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