Welp. The Super Bowl is set. We recap the NFL Championship games. 
The NBA was filled with drama this week. We dive into KD’s comments on Clint Capela, Jason Kidd getting fired, Kawhi Leonard wanting out of San Antonio, and the mess in Cleveland with the Cavs calling out Love, Lue’s job safety, and more.
Show Notes:
(2:42) Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles
(16:45) Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New England Patriots
(36:51) Jason Kidd’s firing
(52:34) Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio
(1:04:51) KD disses Clint Capela
(1:13:36) The hot mess in Cleveland
(1:41:40) Can the Cavs flip the switch come playoff time?
(1:51:31) Final Thoughts

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