2017 Southeast Division preview with Philip Rossman-Reich


This podcast is the fourth of six division preview podcasts to be released before the NBA season tips off. In each division my guests and I will recap every team’s offseason, offer a little gambling advice on the Vegas over/unders and discuss the most important topics facing each team this season. Today’s episode is the Southeast division! Philip Rossman-Reich  makes his debut appearance on the show to break down the division he is most plugged in to. In this podcast we break down the intriguing Orlando Magic. Philip and I break down how Orlando’s rotation might look, what to expect from rookie Jonathan Isaac, what the hell has happened to Mario Hezonja and more. For the Charlotte Hornets, we take a look at the addition of Dwight Howard and what version of him the Hornets will get, Kemba’s up and down season, and if the bench will be an issue. For the Miami Heat we reflect on a team that went 11-30 through the first half of last season and then a miraculous 30-11 in the second half of that season. Philip and I debate wether we will see the former or latter Miami Heat. We also take a deep dive look at Justice Winslow and ask the question, just how good is he? For the Atlanta Hawks, we recap what has been a massive roster overhaul, if this team will be interesting at all. Plus, why the Atlanta Hawks might not be terrible. For the Washington Wizards we debate if the Wizards have addressed their bench issue, who on this team can develop? and is the success of last year’s starting lineup sustainable? Do the Wizard’s have a shot at the top seed in the East? 


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