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I am…me I am…smart I am…talented I am…confident I am…caring I am…a friend I am…a father of three sons (Deion, Kameron, Brandon) and daughter (Skyler). The best kids in the world I am…a husband, brother, son, the carrier of a tradition of a great race of people I am…athletic, former college football player turned sports junkie, a hip hop head, blogger, host of the 12kyle Podcast , host of the Dead End Sports Show I am…the future I am…all of these things and so much more.

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You’re Too Old..

Have you ever stopped and realized that you’re TOO OLD to do certain things? Age is a part of the growth process. Then…reality kicks in! Check out the latest...

I Think I Need Some Space

I Think I Need Some Space…have you ever heard those dreaded words. Is space in a relationship necessary? Listen to my thoughts on this… Related

12 vs 27

True friendships are rare. Friends that become brothers are even more rare How did two young men meet in college on a football field and become brothers? Two young...

hip hop…DEAD and ALIVE

On this episode, we’ll talk about various hip hop topics. Check out this as we give you an informative and introspective look at hip hop. Related

Childhood Memories (throwback)

RETRO SHOW!!! On this episode, I’m joined by the usual suspects…Rashan Jamal and eclectik. This episode was recorded (8/29/12) but still entertaining. We kick it and reminisce about childhood...


On this episode, I’m joined by my homie, eclectik. The concept of this episode came about when I asked him to join me for a show. He agreed. He...

17 yrs old

Remember when you were 17 years old? I think we saw the world and ourselves differently at the age of 17. We were no longer kids but we had...

In the News…

3 microphones…3 great minds…3 sets of strong minded opinions Listen as we discuss a wide range of topics. Listen Co-hosted by Vince and DLuvhall Related