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Show based out of Atlanta discussing anything from local events to world wide issues. No topic is off limits. We may offend, but we mean #NoDissRespect.

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When They Hear This… (feat. Niaima)

We discuss the injustice that happens in the miniseries “When They See Us” which is about the 1989 Central Park Five case and we also touch on the new...

Higher Learning (feat. The Homies)

In this episode we are discussing higher education and what benefits it may and may not have on a person’s life after college.

I Guess It All Depends (feat. The Unapologetically Unfiltered Podcast & Niaima)

In this episode we are discussing religion and how it plays a role in not only our individual lifestyles but also in our dating world.

Random Convo: Battle of the Starks (feat. Niaima & Ali)

In this episode we debate who is the better hero..Tony Stark or Arya Stark.

Random Convo: In My Feelings (feat. Niaima & Ali)

In this episode we discuss Ayesha Curry and her “Red Table Talk” interview.

Two Can Play That Game (feat. Modest Media & Naturally Na)

In this episode we are discussing relationships and the reality of marriage from the lens of movies and tv shows. We are covering everything from what makes people want...

On The Run In NYC (feat. Run The Tape Podcast)

In this episode, we are joining forces with the Run The Tape Podcast to discuss the landscape of Hip-Hop from past to present. We touch on everything from how...

Black Tuesday (feat. Ali)

This episode we are discussing black entrepreneurship, Killer Mike’s Netflix series “Trigger Warning”, If Black History Month is still necessary in 2019, and much more.

Survivor’s Remorse (feat. Ken Inge of Dead End Hip-Hop)

This episode we are touching on all the topics and issues discussed in the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly” from the unapologetic perspective of black men.