Is the Mic Still On

If you’ve ever wondered what the #1 hip hop show on YouTube talks about when the cameras aren’t on, tune in every Wednesday for Is The Mic Still On. The guys…and gal, you love from Dead End Hip Hop: Beezy, Ken, Feefo, Myke, Rod and Sophie – are giving you exactly what you’ve been asking for. They cover a wide range of topics from social issues to life lessons delivered through the same hilarious unfiltered voices that you’ve come to love and appreciate.

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31 | Storytime with Sophie & Soulja Girl

FOLLOW US AT to get extra episodes this month. It feels like Sophie’s been turning up during the podcast shoots lately, so I put together a few clips...

30 | Mayweather vs McGregor & Feefo’s Fight Parties

VISIT & download the app to start getting our mini episodes starting Tuesday, Sept. 5! ——————– 50 and 0! If you bet on McGregor and lost some money,...