Dead End Gaming

Hosted ByBeezy, Ken, Eric V, Granddad Woolly, Tyelerr Durden

D.E.G is podcast based out of Atlanta, GA. The crew currently consist of Tyelerr Durden, Ken, Beezy430, Meanmuggah11 and Granddad Wolly. They talk about current gaming news, what games they are playing, significant gaming moments from history, and what they would like to see come back. Gaming has been part of their identities since they were kids.

Currently D.E.G podcasts are being recorded live on Tuesdays. They get uploaded on Fridays on Spotify, Itunes, and Megaphone. This may change in the future follow on twitter to keep up to date.

Look up “Dead End Gaming Crew” on PSN and XBOX communities. Join up to find others to party up with. You’ll need to wait till one of the crew can get around to accept you.

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The crew will announce when they are going live on their Twitch channels. Watch them stream some of their favourite games or first time play through.

Tyelerr Durden Currently plays on XBox1. Twitter, Instagram and Twitch.

Ken A.K.A Kbinge Currently plays on PS4. TwitterInstagram and Twitch.

Beezy430 Currently plays on PS4. TwitterTwitchInstagram and Youtube.

MeanMuggah11 Currently plays on PS4, XBOX1, and Nintendo Switch. TwitterInstagramTwitch, and Youtube.

Granddad Wolly Currently plays on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. TwitterInstagramTwitch, and Youtube.

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The Fortnite Fad Is Over

In this episode of Dead End Gaming, we discuss Fortnite’s black hole marketing scheme, Blizzard’s protest, and Batman.  If you are a new listener to Dead End Gaming, we...

The Playstation 5 is Coming!

The best part of your week is here cause another episode of DEG has arrived! Thank you for joining us for another episode and tuning in again. So this...

Thoughts on Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Beezy found somebody to play Borderlands with! This week we talk about the new Apex Legends update, the new MK characters, and the new Ghost Recon. We also try...

Borderlands 3 Is the Truth!

Before you start your weekend, you gotta check in with DEG! After answering questions last week we’re back this week with our regularly scheduled programming. The main question of...

Insomniac Bought Out ft. Nicky Dusse (NoDissRespect Podcast)

The return of a legend! This week on DEG we felt the return of an OG. Ken decided to fuck with us. We also got a guest appearance from...


Hip-hop hooray! Thank you all for a milestone 52 episodes and our Birthdayversary episode. This week, we talk about Walmart and their weird policy, ESPN rescheduling an Apex Tournament,...

Video Games Are Not the Problem

The country is in a rough place. Let the DEG Unit cheer you up. This week we talk Evo, Ninja moving to Mixer, and the terrible state of violence...

Damn Shame What She Did to That Cat

It feels good to be a winner! After laying the smackdown to the cheesy controller podcast at the smash tournament the DEG Unit came together to talk about the...

Nintendo Driftgate

Did you say Mario? Well good news this is an all Nintendo episode. We talk about the new switch, joy con drift, and an N64 upgrade. Hopefully you Nintendheads...