Chris Platte Presents: Strictly Hip Hop & Strictly Hoop Talk

Chris Platte intertwines 2 podcasts; Strictly Hip Hop is focused solely on Hip Hop while Strictly Hoop Talk focuses on the NBA. Each podcast covers a wide range of topics within their respective subject.

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Webster’s Lab 2 Review (featuring Clarissa)

The podcast is a review of Chris Webby’s latest mixtape titled Webster’s Labatory 2. Enjoy! Twitter: @chrispy1132   get the mixtape here for free: Related

Top 5 90’s Groups (Featuring Mac Wilson)

Mac Wilson makes his debut as we debate the top 5 90’s Hip Hop groups. This is a classic! My Twitter: @Chrispy1132   Mac’s Twitter: @MacAttack051   John Smith:

2016 NBA Finals Preview

This quick 25 minute podcast will give you all the things you need to know for the series, please share and support the podcast! Related

Post Game 5 GSW/OKC Immediate Reactions (featuring Ben & RJ)

This podcast was recorded late last night roughly 20 minutes after the conclusion of game 5 between the Warriors and Thunder. Ben and RJ join the show for the...

2016 So Far (Featuring Chris Adams and Nick Heal)

Nick Heal, Chris Adams & I focus on the hip hop releases of 2016 so far as we are nearly half way through the calendar year. We briefly review the major releases so...

Independent Rap Labels (Featuring Colin Popa)

Colin joins me for the first time to talk about independent labels in rap as we compare the best labels to see who is the best and also why TDE...

NBA Draft Lottery & Conspiracies (Featuring Noah Lofman)

My good friend Noah Lofman returns to the podcast to talk NBA Draft Lottery and draft conspiracies, the future of Philly, and we break down both Conference Finals series....