Chris Platte Presents: Strictly Hip Hop & Strictly Hoop Talk

Chris Platte intertwines 2 podcasts; Strictly Hip Hop is focused solely on Hip Hop while Strictly Hoop Talk focuses on the NBA. Each podcast covers a wide range of topics within their respective subject.

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2016 Free Agency Eve!

Today i talk about the interesting teams to watch in free agency this year and the list of teams may shock you…  Contact Me:   Twitter: @chrispy1132   Email:...

Josh Munn Interview (featuring Josh Munn and Bryce Knight)

Josh Munn & his exclusive producer Bryce Knight come to the show for the latest episode of the local artists series. The two have formed a dynamic 1-2 punch...

The 2016 NBA Season is Over! (Featuring Chris Phillips)

Chris & I recap the epic game 7 and where it stands against the best games in NBA history, how history will remember this series, Lebron’s excellence and Curry’s...

WE GOT A GAME 7!!! (Featuring Noah Lofman)

Noah Lofman of Palace of Pistons joins to talk game 6 thoughts, Ayesha Curry’s tweet, Lebron’s greatness and much more! Enjoy! contact me on Twitter @chrispy1132 Related

Local Artists: The Beginning (Featuring Chris Adams & Nick Heal)

This episode is the start of a mini series within the Strictly Hip-Hop series called “Local Artists.” This series captures the life of local artists and their journey to success...

Webster’s Lab 2 Review (featuring Clarissa)

The podcast is a review of Chris Webby’s latest mixtape titled Webster’s Labatory 2. Enjoy! Twitter: @chrispy1132   get the mixtape here for free: Related

Top 5 90’s Groups (Featuring Mac Wilson)

Mac Wilson makes his debut as we debate the top 5 90’s Hip Hop groups. This is a classic! My Twitter: @Chrispy1132   Mac’s Twitter: @MacAttack051   John Smith:

2016 NBA Finals Preview

This quick 25 minute podcast will give you all the things you need to know for the series, please share and support the podcast! Related