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A Nerdcast on The Umbrella Academy and Superhero TV Shows

Mecha Kidd and the G.O.A.T. talks about the Umbrella Academy, Netflix overload, and why The Fantastic Four is trash. And Gotham. And Supergirl. 

EP 14: Anthem, Top 5 Black Superheroes, & Comic book Couples

The ATL Nerdcast returns with a discussion on Anthem (1:21), Jumpforce (8:00), Top 5 Black Superheroes, and Comic Book Couples. 

EP 13 | A Nerdcast on Kingdom Hearts 3 Review and White Wakanda

Mecha Kidd and THE GOAT is back again this week hitting a range of topics. Mecha Kidd reviews Kingdom Hearts 3, THE GOAT discusses why he can’t play Resident...

EP 12 | A Nerdcast on Punisher Season 2

The Nerdcast crew talks about season 2 of the Punisher, Supernatural, and wrestling.

EP 11 | A Nerdcast on Mortal Kombat 11 & Royal Rumble

The G.O.A.T. and Mecha Kidd talk Mortal Kombat 11, Spider-Man and Royal Rumble.

EP 10 | A Nerdcast on 2019

Mecha Kidd and THE GOAT bring in the new year talking about movies, wrestling, and more.

EP 09 | A Nerdcast on Xmas Eve

Last episode of the year. Thanks for listening and looking forward to growing with you all next year.

EP 8 | A Nerdcast on Dungeons and Dragons – ATL Nerdcast

Rob joins Mecha Kidd and THE GOAT as they talk about Dungeons and Dragons, Marvel animated movies, and The Dark Night.

EP 7 | A Nerdcast on Star Wars and Star Trek

This week, Mecha Kidd and the Goat discuss their favorite Star Trek and Star Wars moments and more.