This week, Sophie and Myke returns and we dive into a few of our weekly highlights, get their thoughts on the R. Kelly, interview, and dive into a few topics. Show outline below:

Highlights of the week (2:33)
R. Kelly recap (22:21)
Joe Biden and Stacey (28:26)
Operation Varsity Blues (38:37)
James Gunn reinstated (47:25)
Movo Challenge (49:48)
Transgender UFC Fighter (57:10)
Salsa Balls (1:21:33)
Comment Commentary (1:29:10)
Pass the Mic Segment

One comment on “Operation Varsity Blues, Biden x Abrams, & Momo Challenge

  1. kayode says:

    K so boom –

    That ‘Momo’ shit was a hoax. Wasnt nobodies kids killing or harming others over a video. Shit sounded silly to begin with.

    I’m from the Greater Toronto Area so I don’t have a stake in American politics. But Biden running with Stacey seems like a good move. And god forbid he passes in office, she’ll become president. That’s amazing but you know KNOCK ON WOOD. Biden got some fight left in em.

    Yall should refrain from speaking on trans issues. Mike is right – anytime it comes up, certain members cannot keep from talking about the act of sex itself over the identity of the individuals. Its always a mess. Either do the simple research – there are various ‘Edu-tainment’ videos that break Gender Identity down – or, just respectfully speak on the individuals with their preferred pronouns and KEEP IT MOVIN. Enough with all this ignorance.

    Links to Educational Trans videos:

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