Introducing a new series for you all. We will take, from time to time, an introspective look into hip hop and the growing divide between the youth in hip hop and the old heads in hip hop. We have received a quite a few request on this topic from you all. With a request of this nature, we felt that we could do more than just bring you a part 1, 2, or 3. We wanted to really explore this in detail and find the younger generation and obtain their feedback on their perceptions in hip hop and how it relates to them in their world today. Feefo can only represent his demographic to a certain point.

This will not be a running series but one that we bring to you as we produce them out. While you may find a pt 1 or 2 there, we really dive into specific topics as it relates to this series. We are really excited to bring this to you all and hope you enjoy it as well.

Shoutout to @ryanfalcone on of our first 40 subscribers!! Thanks for rolling with us for so long homie! Shoutout to @gmfgoon and J. Nyce for joining us this week as well! Enjoyed having you all on the show!

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