The 2018-2019 NBA Season is just around the corner and here is the first of six division previews to bring you up to speed before the season starts! The first is a preview of the Northwest division.

Topics include:

  • what’s more important for the Nuggets? Jamal to take a leap or Jokic to take a leap defensively? How good is this team with Milsap?
  • How long does Jimmy Butler stay?
  • OKC had a great offseason probably as good as you could have but does it actually make a difference?
  • Is Utah prepared for a sophomore slump with Mitchell?
  • If this team is 10th in the west at all star break do they have to break up Dame and CJ? The Blazers may have gotten worse or at the very best stayed the same. What is a reasonable expectation for this team? Is there any room for internal improvement with this team?

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