No Place Like HomeOwnership (feat. Shaun Graham & Kim Razil)

After a long week of traveling and work we want nothing more than to walk into a place we can call home. Only problem is its not really our home, we can’t do whatever we want with this space. We have to follow a strict set of rules to remain in that space and we have to PAY the people who put those rules in place just to stay. We all deserve our own sanctuary. We all deserve a place we can call ours. 

This week we sit down with Shaun Graham, The Executive Vice President of Southeast Mortgage and Kim Razil, an up and coming realtor in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We discuss all the ways SEM is able to help us reach that goal of home ownership. With Go Gooru, you’re given access to plenty of information and counsel from the highly capable team at SEM to do just that. We dive into what it took to make Shaun who he is today as he drops gems and shares advice. Kim Razil, who’s worked on various major projects such as 2 Chainz’s Pink Trap House and many others has now put Real Estate into her focus. Shaun and Kim breakdown the benefits of homeownership and give us the tools to obtain it. 

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