3:03 — Who should the Browns take #1?
9:18 — Should the Giants take Barkley or draft a QB?
19:15 — Baker Mayfield perfect for the Jets
22:45 — Lamar Jackson a Patriot?
28:03 — Westbrook avoids suspension
31:47 — Time to have a convo on Dame?
41:48 — Is this Anthony Davis time?
46:05 — New Sixers, Who Dis?
Listener Questions:
56:39: @carlyraelooloo — Why LeBron so thkcc for no reason? Where is Dez gonna sign?
1:00:51: @Micskill1 — Why are the Trailblazers so trash?
1:01:06: @jacmayne — If Curry doesn’t play, does the Pelicans have a legitimate shot at knocking off the Warriors?
1:05:17: @FightOwensFigh5 — What would losing this series mean for Westbrook’s legacy? What’s wrong with the thunder offense?
1:22:23: @al_blackstein — How much longer does Lue have in Cleveland?
1:27:30: @YelirYert — What is Utah capable of? What moves do they have to make to become contenders?
1:29:40 — @illmindofPAT — Why is Hassan Whiteside overlooked?
1:29:59: @OtisMGarrison — Discuss the Lakers young core. What is Kyle Kuzma’s ceiling? Will Brandon Ingram become top 5 in the world? What should they do with Julius Randle? Will Lonzo take a big step this summer? 1 year later, grading D’Angelo Russell trade…
1:38:19: @ant243estrada — What would you trade package would you give the spurs if you were the lakers or celtics
1:40:00: @lakerboiiiace — If you were the New Orleans Pelicans, would you still offer boogie the max considering his injured situation? 
1:41:41 — Will the Lakers Signing Paul George in the offseason be the best move for the team in the long term.
1:45:47: @KJAlvey — My Dead End Sports question is why are people in the media and just fans in general so opposed to rooting for the Jazz when they have become the ultimate underdog. But root and cover everyone else
1:48:17: @virgochild69 — Do you think it’s time for TBlazers , Wizards , and Hornets need to make changes to their rosters regardless of play-off runs this season ???? And what trades do you recommend for them to move forward from disappointing seasons ???
1:52:02: @hisnameswilliam — what is o/c’s future and where do you think PG should go?
1:53:02: @thirdeyeego — Who do you think is the best/still at a productive level amongst the older vets still playing (Dirk, Manu, Crawford, Vince, etc.)

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