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Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter x Google Stadia Reactions

This week, the Streetfighter vs. Mortal Kombat debate finally happens! If you missed last week’s episode, we closed last weeks show debating Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter (25:00). Prior to that, we recap games we played last week and discuss the latest video gaming news. 

One comment on “Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter x Google Stadia Reactions

  1. Paulie says:

    Whew listening to that debate was painful. I totally get Mr 11’s point about SF’s success giving the green light to MK. Yes, MK as an idea exists without SF, and may have been developed someday. S-O-M-E-D-A-Y. Who know’s when or if it would have been developed. A year after? 5? 10? Ever? Not every idea of a game gets made, or stays the same by the time it’s done – Devil May Cry, for example, started as a Resident Evil game. Who knows what would have happened to the idea of MK, or if would have died completely, had the success of SF not convinced Midway that MK was worth making.

    The direction MK took can’t be denied. The violence, gore, fatalies. It wasn’t SF that caused the debates, the ESRB, and all that good stuff. It deserves credit for that influence. It extends to genres outside of fighting games, which is incredible. But to add to SF’s influence that Mr 11 can throw in there…the competitive scene.

    It isn’t MK or Smash that’s taking almost dead communities and making them relevant. It wasn’t MK in the 90s, and it wasn’t MK or Smash in the 00s. In the 00s, fighting games were in another dark age, because SF3 wasn’t a hit (despite being an amazing game). What brought it all back? SF4. In almost an exact mirroring of what SF2 did, SF4 lifted up the competitive community. The success of the series when it comes to player retention has allowed fighting game tournaments to go from being played in people’s garages, to being played at Mandalay Bay and shown on ESPN.

    The growth of the fighting game community has allowed Capcom to incorporate the existing fighting game tournaments as seeding for their own tournament…WHERE THEY SHOWCASE PEOPLE STILL PLAYING SF2. Who, please tell me, is playing MK1? 2? 3? 9? Anybody?

    MK deserves to be a Mt Rushmore game/series for anybody. But so does SF, and the shade must end.

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