If you missed the Saints vs. Vikings game, you missed one hell of a finish. This week, we recap all of the NFL Divisional Playoff games, give our thoughts on the Steelers lost to the Jaguars and whether Tomlin should be on the hot seat, and dive into some of the Cleveland Cavalier problems. We discuss what went wrong in Philly for the Falcons as we get the “Can’t Trust Georgia Teams Remix” with them failing to score at the 2 yard line.

And as usual, we close out the show with our final thoughts with Ken giving us a superstar game scenario you won’t believe. 

Show Topics:
(5:28) Titans/Patriots
(16:52) Falcons/Eagles
(31:09) Jaguars/Steelers
(45:58) Saints/Vikings
(55:59) Minnesota Miracle
(1:09:30) Mike Tomlin Hot Seat
(1:28:58) NFL Championship Predictions
(1:41:51) Cleveland Cavaliers Discontent
(2:03:25) Final Thoughts

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