On this week’s show, we discuss the NCAA Tournament, Case Keenum and Kirk Cousins free agency signings, and dive into some NBA topics including James Harden, the Warriors without Curry, and more. 

Show Outline:

First #1 Seed to Lose (2:16)
The NCAA Conspiracy Theory (16:16)
Cinderella Teams (22:30)
Players to watch (29:11)
Final Four Teams (34:12)
Case Keenum and Kirk Cousins (40:05)
 Rams and Chiefs (50:09)
D’Angelo Russell’s potential (58:49)
Warriors Struggles (1:07:52)
Dame Lillard for MVP (1:12:49)
James Harden’s MVP Run (1:16:05)
Spurs (1:22:30)
Doc Rivers (1:28:21)
Fixing the Cavs Lineups(1:38:34)

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