Last week, we watched the Cavs steal game one. This week, we react to the Cavs sweep. This week, while watching the Jazz/Rockets game live, we discuss Donovan Mitchell’s career expectations, the lackluster Sixers, players with Championship or Bust labels, Anthony Davis, Matt Ryan, the Yankees, and more. Listen above.
Show Outline:
Lebronto (1:25) 
Hood (17:43) 
Jazz vs. Rockets (23:45 )
Draymond text KD (32:35)
76ers vs Celtics (34:39)
Championship or bust (53:23)
Trade Westbrook (1:02:00)
Anthony Davis Passes (1:09:30)
Stan Van Gundy (1:23:28)
Matt Ryan (1:25:58)
Yankees (1:36:00)
Lebron to Philly (1:48:41)

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