This week on Dead End Sports, Kinge, Feefo, and Beezy react to the NCAA FBI scandal that found Lebron James calling the NCAA corrupt, Jalen Rose saying players should boycott and more. 

We comment on Za Za Pachulia’s dirty play, Anthony Davis’s big week, Lebron to Philly, and whether the Knicks should reup Kristaps Porzingus. 

Barack Obama says the NBA should create a junior league (1:52)
Za Za Pachulia’s dirty play (13:52)
Anthony Davis’s MVP Week (29:36)
Philly recruiting Lebron (37:56)
Should the Knick’s extend Kristaps Porzingus (53:05)
Cavs ban fan (1:00:00)
Wizards rolling without John Wall (1:05:24)

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