3:30 – The college playoff is set…Alabama vs Washington & Clemson vs Ohio State. Did they get it right?

18:50 Thoughts on Klay Thompson scoring 60 pts in 29 minutes.

35:13 Where’s Cam? Thoughts on Ron Rivera benching Cam Newton for not wearing a tie to the game?

51:40 Tom Brady has 201 wins as a QB. Where does he rank in your all time QBs?

59:26 With Gronk being out for the season, who are the best teams that are poised to dethrone the Patriots

1:15:48 Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple double. How long can he keep it up and the team still wins?

1:28:34 Who has been the most disappointing NBA team(s) and players this season.

1:40:00 Closing/1 Gotta Go

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