Kanye West is becoming known for his concert rants. Earlier this week, Kanye West shared a few controversial statements with his fans. First, he endorsed Trump and said if he voted, he would have voted for Trump. We recognize that it is Kanye’s right to vote for whomever he chooses, however, many in attendance booed him and didn’t agree with his statement. The second comment featured a clip over a minute long where he’s telling black people to just accept that the world is racist and to stop talking about race so much. We talk about Kanye’s comments in this new Ask Segment. DEHH Writer, Clarissa Brooks @ayyeechloe also joins in on this question as well.

Today, another rant leaked of Kanye taking shots at Beyonce and Jay Z over video of the year award that is rumored to go to Beyonce for her “Formation” video. That occurred after this video was shot and it was not discussed here.

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