We’re back! To kick off the second half of the year, we catch up on the stories we missed. Colin Kaepernick, Kyrie Irving, Dodgers, and OJ!

How surprised are you that Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned? 1:40

What do you think of fans boycotting the NFL games if he is not signed? 18:28

Kyrie wants out – On a scale from 1-10 (with 10 being the highest…) how surprised were you that Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland? 29:38

Do you think that there is “beef” between Kyrie and LeBron? 41:45

Does Melo stay…or go? 48:26

At 79-32, the Dodgers are 47 games over .500 and are the best team in baseball. Is the season a failure if they don’t win it all? 54:03

OJ is free – Are you surprised that OJ is getting out of jail? 1:05:26

Closing thoughts 1:14:08

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