The boys are back with another week of sports talk. We kick the show off talking about the things that stood out to us over the week in the NFL, NCAA, and MLB. We lend a few words to Jerry Jones statement on the national anthem where he’s forcing players to stand or not play. After that, we swing over to Indianapolis and weigh in on Mike Pence’s PR stunt. This is a must listen! We wrap up the show with the Dolphins, Joel Embiid and more.

Listen to Is The Mic Still On’s convo on Cam here:

3:20 – What stood out in the NFL, NCAA, & MLB
23:24 – Jerry Jones national anthem demands
37:12 – Mike Pence’s protest stunt
57:28 – Jemelle Hill’s suspension
1:11:45 – Dolphins Coach Coke
1:23:39 – QB play
1:35:26 – NBA reseeding
1:45:00 – Embiid’s contract extension
1:49:55 – Final Thoughts

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