The National Basketball Association had a busy offseason and opening night was no different. 
Prior to the Boston Celtics/Cleveland Cavaliers tipoff, Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotec got into a fight resulting in an eight game suspension for Portis and 4–6 week absence for Mirotec. 
Not to be outdone, six minutes into the Celtics/Cavs game, Gordon Hayward suffered a dislocated ankle and tibia fracture after a mid-air bump with Lebron James. He’s more than likely out for the season. 
In today’s show, we talk about Hayward’s injury, recap the Celtics/Cavs game, and give our predictions on the upcoming season. Here’s the show outline:
6:15 — Gordon Hayward’s injury
12:36 — Why this NBA season won’t be boring
28:51 — Is OKC now a legit threat to the Warriors? 
34:22 — Ken and Raf debate if Billy Donovan is a weak link for OKC
44:20 — Did not getting Anthony hurt Houston or nah?
50:44 — Cleveland-Boston East finals…how likely is it to happen?
57:14 — How good will the Sixers be? How good will the Timberwolves be?
1:07:14 — Rookie of the Year
1:09:36 — Coach of the Year
1:12:22 — 6th Man of the Year
1:14:20 — Defensive Player of the Year
1:14:48 — MVP
1:17:17 — Boston Celtics vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game recap and early assessments
1:25:24 — Eastern and Western Conference Playoff teams
1:29:27 — Western Conference finals. We all had Cavs/Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals
1:30:11 — NBA Finals

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