Black Korea

Hosted ByAndy, Shelton, Tiffany, KP

F*ck Participation Awards!!!

Sorry for the delay,  we experienced some technical difficulties. This week on Black Korea, Tiffany wasn’t feeling good so the crew wishes her well, we catch up on how our week has gone, Baltimore singer Chad Focus used a company card to the tune of $4.1 million to advance his music career, Jay-Z becomes the first hip-hop billionaire and we explore what a Jay-Z mentorship would mean to your career, Philly cops post racist and sexist post on Facebook, Tracy Morgan crashes his $2 million Bugatti, Shelton talks about Andy Ruiz Jr. shocking the world, Golden State Warriors overcoming injuries, DeMarr DeRozan feels like the sacrificial lamb to Toronto’s success, Linda Fairstein taking all kinds of backlash. And…….finally our main topic: F*ck Participation Awards. The crew discusses how when everybody wins, everybody really loses. We finish the episode with Finish the Sentence & One Gotta Go. Download, listen and subscribe to our YouTube.

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