On this week’s podcast, we discuss the latest in the NFL: Ezekiel Elliot’s 6 game suspension, Bennett and Lynch protesting the national anthem, Hue Jackson, and more. Here’s the show outline:
Was Ezekiel Elliot’s 6 game suspension too much? 1:08
Will there be any repercussions for Michael Bennett and Marshawn Lynch sitting during the National Anthem? 27:22
Thoughts on Hue Jackson and Jermichael Finley’s comments. 38:00
Will Kyrie Irving be a good fit for San Antonio Spurs? 46:35
Is it a good move for the Cleveland Cavaliers to plan for life without Lebron James? 1:01:00
1992 Dream Team vs. 2017 NBA All-Stars — Who wins? 1:12:00
Closing Thoughts
Feefo — Advice for Zeke (1:36:56)
Beezy — Winter is Coming (1:37:31)
Ken — The Coon Who Shall Not Be Named on Lebron James (1:39:00)
Q — Athletes Voices Matter/Charlottesville (1:41:13)
Kyle — Getting Old (1:43:00)

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