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Blackface History Month

Forgive us. We mean no harm. This week on Is The Mic Still On, we discuss Liam Neeson’s hatred of black people (7:12), Candace Owens thinking Hitler was an OK guy (31:58), blackface on blackface on blackface on Gucci (48:17), and 21 Savage (1:05:22). We close out the show with the Pass the Mic Segment (1:10:20). You don’t want to miss that one cause Beezy430 snaps! Oh, and KFC’s Cheetos Burger


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Are YouTube Rappers Taking Over?

Today we discuss the unfortunate circumstances of the New Zealand terrorist attacks and send our prayers to the victims and families. Next, we talk sports before getting into our top 3 movies of all time. We talk about the legitimacy of the YouTube rap scene, have show and tell, and review Quadeca’s new album “Voice Memos”.

Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter x Google Stadia Reactions

This week, the Streetfighter vs. Mortal Kombat debate finally happens! If you missed last week’s episode, we closed last weeks show debating Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter (25:00). Prior to that, we recap games we played last week and discuss the latest video gaming news. 

Open Season on Lebron James

This week, each of us draft our all-time NBA starting five. We then discuss the Browns expectations, Tyreke Hill, Giants, Greg Popovich’s greatness, and a Lebron James hater’s dream season. 

Operation Varsity Blues, Biden x Abrams, & Momo Challenge

This week, Sophie and Myke returns and we dive into a few of our weekly highlights, get their thoughts on the R. Kelly, interview, and dive into a few topics. Show outline below:

Highlights of the week (2:33)
R. Kelly recap (22:21)
Joe Biden and Stacey (28:26)
Operation Varsity Blues (38:37)
James Gunn reinstated (47:25)
Movo Challenge (49:48)
Transgender UFC Fighter (57:10)
Salsa Balls (1:21:33)
Comment Commentary (1:29:10)
Pass the Mic Segment

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 13 Recap: Chokepoint

The Frames Per Second podcast returns with another recap of Season 9 of the Walking Dead. Episode 13 finds Beta and Daryl fight over Lydia as they attempt to divert them away from their camp. Meanwhile, across the way, Ezekiel and the Kingdom deal with a new threat called The Highwaymen. 

Captain Marvel Movie Review

The Frames Per Second cast reviews the MCU’s Captain Marvel movie. Captain Marvel is a Kree warrior who winds up in a battle between her people and the Skrulls. Naturally Na returns to discuss if the movie lived up to our expectations and if it’s a good movie. 

Listen to our episode about our expectations for the move here: ‘Oscars Recap & Captain Marvel Expectations

Devil May Cry 5 First Impressions, Sims 4 Controversy, and Rage Quit Moments!

We return this week with a new episode. This week, Eric gives you a breakdown of his first play of Devil May Cry 5. We discuss the Sims 4 Controversy. And we cap off the show with our rage quit moments and discuss how tough old gaming consoles are. 

R. Smelly | lowmid Podcast

The lowmid podcast is back with episode 3 as they discuss the now infamous R. Kelly interview, YBN Almighty Jay getting jumped in New York, and the Micheal Jackson documentary (Leaving Neverland). Along with a nostalgic discussion about their top 3 favorite childhood cartoons. Next, they go from outer space, to cell phones, to Juice Wrld’s new album in their show and tell segment.