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Twenty88 Album Review (Featuring Clarissa)

Returning today is Clarissa who you may remember from the Chris Webby Webster’s Lab 2 review. On this podcast we review the Big Sean and Jhene Aiko joint album. To compliment the Hip Hop and R&B male-female duo Clarissa and I form our own male-female duo. Please rate, comment, subscribe and share! 

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Coolaid Album Review (featuring Mac)

Mac Wilson returns for another album review! This album is the 14th studio album for the Long Beach artist and Hip Hop legend Snoop Doggy Dogg. This album is not your typical album from the Doggfather so take a listen as we give our analysis of the album. 

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2016 So Far

Calo and Chris Adams join the podcast to talk EVERYTHING hip hop in 2016 so far. we are nearly 8 months in so Calo, Chris and I talk about all the Hip Hop album releases debate which are good and which are bad, surprises and disappointments, and upcoming releases we are anticipating. In addition, we touch on interesting story-lines in hip hop this year such as the whack XXL, Drake once again finding himself in beef and much more. subscribe and share!

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Ceno Interview (FeaturingCeno)

Ceno is one of the biggest artists of my community. Ceno has been on the Hip Hop scene for about 6 years now and he joins me to talk about the long journey to get to this point; he talks about releasing many projects and taking them down, the formation and dissolving of “Green Team” and much more. 

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Josh Munn Interview (featuring Josh Munn and Bryce Knight)

Josh Munn & his exclusive producer Bryce Knight come to the show for the latest episode of the local artists series. The two have formed a dynamic 1-2 punch in the Hip–Hop world and are taking over the community. In their first ever official interview they talk about the process of how they began their working relationship, the mixtape that was never dropped, spending 6 months without putting out music, all other struggles and how they re-captured the momentum of the community. All of this plus they announce their upcoming project for the first time on-air.  

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