Beauty & The HYPEBEAST

Can women and men be friends without relations? Is Cam Newton sexist? Has Nicki Minaj fallen off? Tune in to hear us discuss these topics and more.

Venus vs Mars Part II

We continue our conversation on the double standards between Man and Woman but on a broader scale. We looked at the ways society views us based on our gender. We also touch on the recent news of Comedy’s rockstar Kevin Hart and an alleged scandal he’s found himself neck deep in.

Venus vs Mars

Discussed over a two-part series. Venus vs Mars is an in-depth look at the double standards that exist among men and women. Part I will focus on those differences in regards to relationships. Nothing is off the table and No Dissrespect’s four hosts have no issue speaking their mind no matter how controversial the position. We might offend you. We might defend you. We might even impress you but understand we mean No Dissrespect.