Scorpion King (feat. AJ Hood & TP)

With Drake’s album dropping tomorrow we are giving you our expectations for his new project. We also discuss other upcoming projects coming from the Young Money roster and our thoughts on the new season of Luke Cage.

This is U.S.

In this episode, we are discussing Childish Gambino’s new song This is America, our thoughts on the current political state of the black community, and we are also touching on the recent issues between black men and black women.

Coming To A Hood Near You II

Another addition of the locally popular “Coming To A Hood Near You” movie review. This episode we are reviewing Avengers Infinity War and also discussing what other big blockbuster movies we are looking forward to seeing this summer. 

Cole World No Blanket (feat. Callie & Ricky Pleasant)

Unlike most people, we actually take time to listen to projects before we critique them and make a final decision on if it’s classic or trash so here we are folks! The Official #NoDissRespect review of J.Cole’s new album KOD is here!!! We are going in-depth on everything revolving around the LP. Also of course y’ all know we had to touch on other topics and issues in the Hip-Hop community like what’s going on with our brother Kanye West (before the Charlamagne interview), Drake’s new album, and so much more so tune in and witness the conversation.

Better Late Than Never: What A GOOD Review Part II (feat. Chill Dee iLL & Doe)

We are wrapping up our Better Late Than Never series with Part II of our What A Good Review summer albums recap. With summer coming to an end we are going through the hottest mainstream Hip-Hop and R&B albums that dropped and letting you know what stood out to us.

Can’t Forget About The Ladies (feat. JeMarr) [Better Late Than Never Edition]

We have been working hard ladies and gentlemen! So hard that we felt like we needed to release this special “Better Late Than Never” episode of #NoDissRespect. Last month was National Women’s History Month and in this episode, we are discussing Women’s issues from top to bottom. We also are discussing how men play a role in this new Women’s movement era. Y’all don’t want to skip out on this conversation.

Better Late Than Never: Friends or Foes (feat. Doe)

In this episode we are discussing what it means to be a good friend and how the concept of friendship differs based on financial situations and gender.

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby! (feat. Aja)

In this episode, we are discussing intimacy and how it has changed from generation to generation. We also talk about what makes sex good, how does religion play into sex, and also we are sharing personal stories of what turns us on and what turns us off. Tune in to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth when it comes to bumping uglies.