Is the Mic Still On

Was Nipsey Jesus? (ft. Jetaun Davis from Journey to Jupiter Podcast)

This week, Jetaun Davis from the Journey to Jupiter podcast joins us to discuss last weeks hottest topics. We open the show with Morehouse’s transgender announcement (13:07), Leaving Neverland rumors (23:20), and give an update on Lil Nas X (29:00). We then discuss Jermaine Dupri thinking Nipsey Hussle was Jesus (41:56), Georgetown University (1:04:53), Disney Plus and Star Wars trailer (1:09:48). We close out the show with the comment commentary (1:12:27) and the Pass the Mic Segment (1:42:00).

Nipsey Hussle

This week, we discuss the unfortunate passing of Nipsey Hussle (8:08) and Kodak Black’s comments. We also hit Beyonce walking away from Reebok (42:35), Jordan Peele only hiring black leads for his movies (53:20), and a woman that used God to stop watching porn (1:06:17). We wrap up with Comment Commentary (1:19:00) and the Pass the Mic segment (1:22:20).

Surviving Cardi B

This week, we go through our highlights of the week, discuss the Mueller Report (3:06), the most recent developments with Jussie Smollet (11:05), and Cardi B’s drug and rape accusations (35:18). 

We wrap up the show with comment commentary (1:07:52) and the Pass the Mic segment (1:11:40).

The Worst Part of Daniel Caesar (ft. Huey Revolution from Low Mid podcast)

This week, we open with our highlights of the week (2:10), hit #FactsOnly (20:50), and Daniel Caesar (25:43). We also touch on Shaq partnering up Papa Johns (44:50) and white people stealing black culture (49:10). We close out with our Comment Commentary (1:02:08) and the Pass the Mic Segment (1:28:44).

Operation Varsity Blues, Biden x Abrams, & Momo Challenge

This week, Sophie and Myke returns and we dive into a few of our weekly highlights, get their thoughts on the R. Kelly, interview, and dive into a few topics. Show outline below:

Highlights of the week (2:33)
R. Kelly recap (22:21)
Joe Biden and Stacey (28:26)
Operation Varsity Blues (38:37)
James Gunn reinstated (47:25)
Movo Challenge (49:48)
Transgender UFC Fighter (57:10)
Salsa Balls (1:21:33)
Comment Commentary (1:29:10)
Pass the Mic Segment

Surviving the R. Kelly CBS Interview (feat. Raq)

This week, Raq sits down to discuss R. Kelly’s explosive interview with Gayle King (3:10), Jussie (50:57), Will Smith playing Serena Williams daddy Richard Williams (54:03), and the initial reactions to the Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland documentary (58:32).

We close out the show with our comment commentary (1:04:28) and the Pass the Mic segment (1:13:44).