Is the Mic Still On

40 Acres and A Back Headbutt

What up! We’re back this week with a new episode discussing the following topics:

Reparations (1:11)
Kyle Kashuv losing his Harvard Admission (20:25)
Clarence Thomas (29:44)
LaVar Ball’s ESPN Ban (34:18)
Naming the 90’s (53:08)
Cell phones causing horns to grow in the back of people’s heads (58:00)
Star Wars mistake hidden in plain site (1:04:30)

We wrap up with comment commentary (1:07:06) and the pass the mic segment about being barely black (1:15:07).

Cutting Ties with My Ex, Being BiSexual, and Selfish – A Pass the Mic Episode (ft. Tyelerr Durden & Naturally Na)

This week, we do a mailbag episode and a bit of an AMA. Topics include:

Straight Edge (3:30)
Is there a stigma for being bisexual (10:43)
Would you ever leave the country (28:42)
Favorite food to cook (39:11)
Technology influence on our lives (46:04)
Should I cut ties with my ex? (53:40)
Am I being selfish (1:01:37)
Father Figure (1:11:26)

We wrap up with our Pass the Mic Segment (1:34:59)

Snapchat’s Baby Filter

This week, we do the Snapchat’s Baby Filter Challenge!! Check out the pics on our Instagram right here:

We also cover the backlash to Robert Smith’s charitable donation to Morehouse Graduates of 2019. We give an update on Harvey Weinstein (29:25), Aretha Franklin’s Will (36:51), Harriet Tubman and Lil Nas X (43:39). We close out topics with a black hair school for adoptive parents (52:36) and Sonic pushing their movie back (1:05:36). We wrap up with Comment Commentary (1:09:05) and the Pass the Mic Segment (1:14:48).


This week, we revisit the Roe vs. Wade anti-abortion laws (7:50) that are being passed left and right. We discuss if we would let the person in front of us pick out your food (26:00), Arnold Schwarzenegger getting drop kicked in South Africa (38:00), and people bathing in pools (47:00) and clone-a-willy (57:38).  We wrap up with comment commentary (1:04:55) and finish with the Pass the Mic segment (1:10:00).

The Daily: The Legal Vulnerability of Roe v. Wade

When a midget falls into the water #2 try not to laugh:

Arnold Schwarzenegger got drop kicked and

Half of Americans use swimming pool instead of shower:\


Here are the topics we hit this week:

Facts Only 2:48
John Singleton 9:51
Parents dress code 13:30
Philando Castile and school debt 22:05
Offset 33:41
Facebook bans Louis Farrakan
Mayochella 52:10
Sonic Trailer 1:04:00
Obama’s Netflix series 1:06:32
Comment Commentary 1:09:11
Pass the mic segment 1:13:33

Mamãe, polícia! (ft. Shelton of Black Korea)

This week, we discuss:

Racial subreddit (10:00)
Arming Teachers (22:30)
Bun B (27:26)
John Singleton (31:19)
Rising Skywalker (32:55)
Death Metal AI (40:47)
Parrot Arrested in Drug Operation (48:42)
Theaters showing Endgame (51:11)

We wrap up the show with Comment Commentary (58:47) and the Pass the Mic Segment (1:03:48).

The Ancestry Slave Ad

We’re back! After #FactsOnly (12:46), we discuss Notre Dame (17:04), Trump’s Impeachment (22:16), the Ancestry commercial (28:14), new porn laws (35:04), Ja Rule (38:22), Kodak Black (41:55), Cannabis Cookbooks (51:28), Terminator trailer (57:29), and wrap up with Dave East’s comments on Lil Nax X (1:00:02). 

We close out the show with comment commentary (1:07:18) and the Pass the Mic Segment (1:19:34).

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