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36 | The Taurus Thing | @IsTheMicStillOn

If you follow us on Twitter, and you should, you may have seen Sophie on there a couple of weeks back expressing her distaste for Taurus men. Well, as it turns out, Rod, Beezy, and Raf are all Tauruses. In this episode of Is The Mic Still On, Sophie, Raf, Beezy, and Rod settle up the discussion they had on Twitter about Tauruses. The conversation picks up from there. Plus, we answer another listener question. If you have a question for us, send us an email:

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35 | Uh Oh, Nelly in Hot Sh*t

The Is The Mic Still On crew is back again with more dope conversations for you. This week, we talk about Nelly’s rape allegations, Ken hates on Cardi B some more, and Cam Newton’s poor word choice. And we close out the show with another listener question!

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33 | Commander-in-Tweet vs. the NFL/NBA (ft. Adán Bean) | Is the Mic Still On

This week on Is The Mic Still On, we talk about Donald Trump’s inflammatory comments about the NFL at an Alabama rally for Luther Strange last Friday and his tweets about the NBA’s Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

We close out the show with a discussion on black identity and the struggle.

Special thanks to our guest Adan Bean. Check out his music on Bandcamp and follow him on Twitter (

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31 | Storytime with Sophie & Soulja Girl

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It feels like Sophie’s been turning up during the podcast shoots lately, so I put together a few clips from the past couple weeks in our first ever Storytime with Sophie. enjoy!
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30 | Mayweather vs McGregor & Feefo’s Fight Parties

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50 and 0! If you bet on McGregor and lost some money, then it may be too soon for this conversation. We understand. Come back after it hurts a little less. We also discuss how Feefo conveniently forgets to invite his friends to fight parties.
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29 | Charlottesville & Rebranding White Supremacy (w/ @SpectrumPulse)

Mark Grondin from the Spectrum Pulse comes to visit us all the way down in Atlanta from Canada to talk about everything from Donald Trump’s latest flip-flopping, the rise and re-branding of white supremacy, and Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga’s latest shenanigans.
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“Is the Mic Still On” is by Dead End Hip Hop. |
Starring @Feefo247, @Beezy430, @kbinge, @mykectown, @IAmModestMediaand @SaireMusic
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