Is the Mic Still On

A$AP Rocky Locked Up

This week is Kon’s final episode editing the show. We wish him the best as he moves forward in his next journey. On this week’s show, we discuss:

Lil Nas X’s coming out party (10:26)
Nike’s racist shoes (26:17)
A$AP Rocky’s Sweden arrest (39:15)
The Little Mermaid blacklash (42:36)
Hawaiin blackface (58:20)
Blue Bell Licker 1:00:52)
Starbucks ask cops to leave (1:05:00)

We close out the show with comment commentary (1:08:05) and the Pass the Mic Segment (1:20:34)

40 Acres and A Back Headbutt

What up! We’re back this week with a new episode discussing the following topics:

Reparations (1:11)
Kyle Kashuv losing his Harvard Admission (20:25)
Clarence Thomas (29:44)
LaVar Ball’s ESPN Ban (34:18)
Naming the 90’s (53:08)
Cell phones causing horns to grow in the back of people’s heads (58:00)
Star Wars mistake hidden in plain site (1:04:30)

We wrap up with comment commentary (1:07:06) and the pass the mic segment about being barely black (1:15:07).

Cutting Ties with My Ex, Being BiSexual, and Selfish – A Pass the Mic Episode (ft. Tyelerr Durden & Naturally Na)

This week, we do a mailbag episode and a bit of an AMA. Topics include:

Straight Edge (3:30)
Is there a stigma for being bisexual (10:43)
Would you ever leave the country (28:42)
Favorite food to cook (39:11)
Technology influence on our lives (46:04)
Should I cut ties with my ex? (53:40)
Am I being selfish (1:01:37)
Father Figure (1:11:26)

We wrap up with our Pass the Mic Segment (1:34:59)

Snapchat’s Baby Filter

This week, we do the Snapchat’s Baby Filter Challenge!! Check out the pics on our Instagram right here:

We also cover the backlash to Robert Smith’s charitable donation to Morehouse Graduates of 2019. We give an update on Harvey Weinstein (29:25), Aretha Franklin’s Will (36:51), Harriet Tubman and Lil Nas X (43:39). We close out topics with a black hair school for adoptive parents (52:36) and Sonic pushing their movie back (1:05:36). We wrap up with Comment Commentary (1:09:05) and the Pass the Mic Segment (1:14:48).


This week, we revisit the Roe vs. Wade anti-abortion laws (7:50) that are being passed left and right. We discuss if we would let the person in front of us pick out your food (26:00), Arnold Schwarzenegger getting drop kicked in South Africa (38:00), and people bathing in pools (47:00) and clone-a-willy (57:38).  We wrap up with comment commentary (1:04:55) and finish with the Pass the Mic segment (1:10:00).

The Daily: The Legal Vulnerability of Roe v. Wade

When a midget falls into the water #2 try not to laugh:

Arnold Schwarzenegger got drop kicked and

Half of Americans use swimming pool instead of shower:\


Here are the topics we hit this week:

Facts Only 2:48
John Singleton 9:51
Parents dress code 13:30
Philando Castile and school debt 22:05
Offset 33:41
Facebook bans Louis Farrakan
Mayochella 52:10
Sonic Trailer 1:04:00
Obama’s Netflix series 1:06:32
Comment Commentary 1:09:11
Pass the mic segment 1:13:33

Mamãe, polícia! (ft. Shelton of Black Korea)

This week, we discuss:

Racial subreddit (10:00)
Arming Teachers (22:30)
Bun B (27:26)
John Singleton (31:19)
Rising Skywalker (32:55)
Death Metal AI (40:47)
Parrot Arrested in Drug Operation (48:42)
Theaters showing Endgame (51:11)

We wrap up the show with Comment Commentary (58:47) and the Pass the Mic Segment (1:03:48).