Is the Mic Still On

The Dave Chapelle Outrage

This week, we discuss the Dave Chapelle comedy special Sticks and Stones (3:50), Nicki Minaj’s retirement (43:15), and Boone’s Camp Event Hall’s refusal to service a mixed-race couple (57:05). We close out the show with Comment Commentary (1:16:24) and the Pass the Mic segment (1:22:39). 

Resource Material:

Dave Chapelle joke:

Dave Chapelle’s bit on saying “f**got” vs. “n**ger”
Dave Chapelle’s Jussie Smollett bit

Nicki Minaj tweet:
Boone’s Camp Event Hall

Boone’s Camp Event Hall video:

LaKambria Welch recording with the Boone’s Camp Event Owner

Ghosted ft. Tyelerr Durden (Dead End Gaming)

We back like cooked crack! In this episode, Modest Media is out but sitting in for him, gracing us with her presence, is Tyelerr Durden from Dead End Gaming


Is Jay Z A Sellout?

Time Stamps:

Word of the Day (11:48)

Facts Only (15:58)


Leaving the nest (18:39)

Jay Z & the NFL (33:25)

13 minute mark

Beezy’s Rogue Phone (1:20:54)

Top 10 Madlib Collab Albums (1:27:31)

Talking on the phone (1:34:12)

Comment Commentary (1:53:43)

Pass the Mic (1:56:28)

Kid Rock Goes Off

Per discussions on the podcast the few weeks, we decided to switch things up a bit with our approach to topics. Each of us will bring a topic of interest to the table and discuss it among each other. Below are the timestamps and resource materials for this week’s episode:



5:38 – Facts Only


13:34 – Jeffrey Epstein:

27:34 – Lizzo tweet:

56:22 – #RichPaulRule: x

1:09:17 – Kid Rock Slams Taylor Swift:

1:25:12 – 21-year-old female kicked for raping a 13-year-old boy.

1:33:07 – Student Loan debt

1:37:27 – Comment Commentary

1:45:32 – Pass the Mic Segment – Listening to Norwegian metal

El Paso

Word of the Day: Aquiver –


(8:23) El Paso Hero

(31:52) Glenn Oakley –

(35:36) A$AP Rocky update:

Trump A$AP tweet:

(38:55) White Oklahoma woman tased after refusing to sign ticket:

(44:34) French hoverboard:

(59:52) Fired over too much tupac –

(1:11:09) Raw chicken runs away:

We close out the show with Comment Commentary (1:17:57) and the Pass the Mic Segment. We have a follow up from Carson (1:34:00) and then hit the question of the week (1:41:00). 

For Better or Worse ft. Nicki D’usse (NoDissRespect)

Hello everyone, we’re back for another episode. This week, we touch on the following topics:

Racist cartoon (16:03)
Black Spider-Man (26:15)
Elon Musk wants to put bluetooth in your head (33:10)
Nicole Murphy

And we wrap up the show with the Pass the Mic segment.

The Squad ft. Nicki D’usse (NoDissRespect) and Shelton x KP (Black Korea)

What’s up everyone – we’re back with another episode this week and we’re super excited to share this show with you. Rod, Feefo, and B are all out this week. Sitting in for them are Nicki D’usse from the NoDissRespect, Frames Per Second, Dead End Sports podcasts and Shelton x KP from the Black Korea podcast produced by Feefo. We revisited (again) our discussion on Jermaine Dupri, Africans x Lotion and A$AP with our guests. We also give you all some grocery shopping tips, why Madonna should’ve known better, and how we deal with anger issues, self-care, and more. 

Timestamps: 6:00 – Grocery shopping tips 7:00 – Publix, Food Depot, Aldi, and Kroger 11:00 – Africans vs lotion part 2 33:36 – Four Congresswomen 38:20 – White Security Guard pulls a gun on black Sheriff Deputy 41:00 – Madonna 1:01:00 – Marvel Phase 4 lineup announced 1:12:00 – Comment Commentary

A$AP Rocky Locked Up

This week is Kon’s final episode editing the show. We wish him the best as he moves forward in his next journey. On this week’s show, we discuss:

Lil Nas X’s coming out party (10:26)
Nike’s racist shoes (26:17)
A$AP Rocky’s Sweden arrest (39:15)
The Little Mermaid blacklash (42:36)
Hawaiin blackface (58:20)
Blue Bell Licker 1:00:52)
Starbucks ask cops to leave (1:05:00)

We close out the show with comment commentary (1:08:05) and the Pass the Mic Segment (1:20:34)