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Is Quentin Tarantino Overrated?

In this episode the crew has a in-depth discussion about the Academy Award winning director Quentin Tarantino. We talk about his filmography and which ones are standout classics, how he has helped the career of some famous African-American actors, and also point out the problematic controversies that surround him on and off camera. 

Crawl Movie Review

In this episode, we review Alexandre Aja’s latest disaster horror film “Crawl”. We discuss the ridiculousness of the film’s plot, our favorite kill scenes, and whether or not this film met our low expectations. 

Is Netflix’s Dope Series Real or Fake?

Here’s a conversation on Netflix’s documentary series Dope. Season 3 just released and prior to recording Is The Mic Still On, we were having a conversation about whether the show is real or fake. This is a raw audio recording so the quality will be in and out. Nevertheless, it’s pretty fun conversation. 

When They See Us Recap (ft. Tyelerr Durden and Naturally Na) [SPOILERS]

In this episode we discuss why the Central Park 5 case is still relevant 30 years later, the talented child actors and their accurate portrayals of the real people, and if we think this series will cause some change moving forward in America.

A Dark Phoenix Movie Review (ft. Tyelerr Durden and Naturally Na) [Spoilers]

In this episode, we are reviewing the final movie in the X-Men franchise “Dark Phoenix”. We discuss our initial reactions to the film, how this epic story compares to the source material, and what we expect to see in the future with Disney now in control of all Marvel characters.

Netflix’s Black Summer Season 1 Review

We review season 1 of Netflix’s Black Summer series. Black Summer is set in the “Z Nation” universe and follows a group of survivors trying to make it to safety.