Dead End Sports

Panic In Laker Nation

This is the place where sports opinions collide! This week, we talk about Trae Young’s big game, the early struggles for Laker Nation, the Rockets/Lakers fight and more.

Time Stamps:
Trae Young (1:00)
Ken reacts to Feefo’s Jayson Tatum take (16:30)
Lakers (33:45)
Rocket/Laker Fight (1:25:00)
Nik Stauskas (1:30:00)
Eli done (1:39:00)
Amari Cooper traded (1:55:50)
Hue Jackson done (2:05:20)
World Series predictions (2:11:43)

Three-Game NBA Takes

Nick, Beezy, and Feefo give you their three-game NBA takes. Plus Ken and B discuss the World Series and how they may have the best game-winning celebrations in sports.

Jimmy Butler Wants Out

Jimmy Butler wants to be traded to the Knicks, Clippers, or Nets. Brady and Belicheck beefing. Gronk got shut down. Vontae Davis shut himself down. That and more on this week’s episode.

Time stamps:
Canelo vs. GGG
Mayweather return? (10:23)
Jimmy Butler wants to be traded (12:48)
Brady wanted to divorce Belichik (42:28)
Gronk shut down (50:23)
Black players and coaches (57:41)
Packer’s tie off a terrible call (1:28:45)
Games we looking forward to this weekend (1:48:30)
Vontae Davis (1:54:00)