Dead End Sports

The Kyrie Struggle is Real

Colts vs. Chiefs (2:15)
Cowboys vs. Rams (13:55)
Chargers vs. Patriots (21:22)
Eagles vs. Saints (28:26)

Eagles (33:08)
Chargers (38:48)
Cowboys (43:00)
Colts (46:33)

Patriots vs. Chiefs (52:28)
Rams vs. Saints (59:20)

Cam Newton sitting out 2019 Season (1:06:55)
NFL Coaching Hiring (1:12:45)

Feefo on Draymond Green (1:18:23)
Laker’s Struggles (1:22:00)
Ken on D’Angelo Russell (1:35:50)
Dennis Smith Jr. on the trading block (1:38:00)
Kyrie’s Comments (1:41:24)

2018 NBA Playoff Picks

This episode, we go back to the beginning and give you our playoff teams for this NBA season. We also hit Maryland’s decision to keep D.J. Durkin and talk Dez visiting the Saints.

Lebron’s Patience

We’re back again this week to discuss the NFL Trades, Adrain Peterson, Gurley for MVP, and Ken defends Jameis Winston again!

Time stamps:

NFL Trades (1:00)
Is AP Top 5? (5:27)
Are the Rockets trash? 49:54
Hurley for MVP (1:01:38)
Jordan commercial (1:09:15)
College football rankings (1:13:21)
1 million dollar internship (1:18:36)
Lonzo needs to get more engaged and Lebron’s patience (TITLE) (1:21:48)
Ken defends Winston again (1:56:38)

Hue, Lue, Haley, Winston: You’re Fired

In this episode, we react to the firings of Hue Jackson and Todd Haley, Ty Lue, and Jameis Winston’s benching. We also hit a few random basketball topics here and there.

Time stamps:

Hue Jackson and Todd Haley fired (:09)
Lue Fired (30:34)
Melo Washed, Jimmy Buckets, Paul George money grab (43:33)
Winston Fired (57:51)
Ty Montgomery Blunder (1:22:15)
Lakers (1:38:04)
Fitz named the starter (1:40:05)
DeRozen (1:40:52)

Panic In Laker Nation

This is the place where sports opinions collide! This week, we talk about Trae Young’s big game, the early struggles for Laker Nation, the Rockets/Lakers fight and more.

Time Stamps:
Trae Young (1:00)
Ken reacts to Feefo’s Jayson Tatum take (16:30)
Lakers (33:45)
Rocket/Laker Fight (1:25:00)
Nik Stauskas (1:30:00)
Eli done (1:39:00)
Amari Cooper traded (1:55:50)
Hue Jackson done (2:05:20)
World Series predictions (2:11:43)

Three-Game NBA Takes

Nick, Beezy, and Feefo give you their three-game NBA takes. Plus Ken and B discuss the World Series and how they may have the best game-winning celebrations in sports.