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Raw Reactions to Magic Johnson’s Resignation

Magic Johnson stepped down as Laker’s President of Basketball Operations. He completely derailed our show. After we finish reacting to that, we look back at our preseason NBA playoff team picks, address Ben Simmons concerns, Antonio Brown, and Aaron Rodgers.

Duke Done + Top 5 Point Guards of All Time

  • Tom izzo & Michigan St. upsets Duke
  • Bruce Pearl & Auburn upsets Kentucky
  • Have Calipari and Coach K regressed in coaching style/execution?
  • Who makes it to the championship game?
  • Is the ROY & MVP race locked up yet? 
  • KP rape accusations
  • AAF suspends operations after 1 season (league is in danger of folding if they got get the full support of the NFLPA)
  • What team does Josh Rosen land at?
  • Derek Carr maybe on the outs with Oakland
  • Russell Wilson gives the Seahawks a deadline for new deal (April 15)

Duke Survives, Boston Struggles, Giannis vs. Harden, Big Baller Brand Dead

Tonight, we discuss: How far can this Duke team go? What NBA team should draft Ja Morant? Do players know how to be coached? Do coaches need to change their style? *Referring to the Tom Izzo situation* Any changes to y’all Final Four picks? Let’s talk about Boston… Let’s talk about Portland… Did Giannis hurt his MVP chances by his comments on not wanting to be the face of the league? Is BBB dead? Gronk Retires Jon Gruden says he “cried for 3 days” after trading Khalil Mack 

Open Season on Lebron James

This week, each of us draft our all-time NBA starting five. We then discuss the Browns expectations, Tyreke Hill, Giants, Greg Popovich’s greatness, and a Lebron James hater’s dream season. 

Reactions to the Odell Beckham Jr & Antonio Brown Trades

We react to the New York Giants trading Odell Beckham Jr to the Cleveland Browns and the Antonio Brown trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Oakland Raiders. 

Manny Machado Money, Antonio Brown, & Atlanta Hawks Hype

This week, the Dead End Sports crew returns with discussions on:

All-Star Recap (2:30) Machado (34:20) Kyler Murray Hype (41:18) Odell Beckham (47:33) Nick’s theory on QB’s (57:30) Antonio Brown (1:11:53) Atlanta Hawks (1:24:34).

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Brady Bowl

This week’s topics:

Super Bowl Recap (1:15)Anthony Davis (42:54) Kristaps Porzingus (1:12:37) Greek Freak and the Bucks (1:24:40) Kevin Huerter (1:33:03)–Cam Reddish Aside (1:33:47) Hawk’s talk (1:40:37) Luka regret (1:44:00) Other quick NBA Headlines (1:51:30) Kobe’s comments on Harden (1:55:00)

2019 Top 5 NBA Players & the Anthony Davis Mess

Anthony Davis’s trade request (1:46)

Jahlil Okafor’s resurgence (51:57)

Rams talking trash (56:40)

Alex Smith done (1:07:01)

Warriors vs. Celtics reaction (1:10:50)

2019’s Top 5 NBA Players (1:22:26)

Next NBA Eastern Conference Megastar (1:50:51)