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#FantasyFootball QB Preview | DES

Show Outline:

Fantasy football background: 1:35
PPR League: 8:43
Keeper League: 10:30
Dead Teams and quitters: 12:30
Main Topic: 16:20
Beezy’s Top 12 Fantasy QB: 17:49
Kinge’s Top 12 Fantasy QB: 18:43
Tom Brady Draft Strategy: 26:09
Sleepers: 28:00
Busts: 34:08
Mariota / Winston: 39:00
How we value QB’s and draft: 42:00
DES Pickem: 59:00

Is Chip Kelly Really A Racists? | DES Podcast Excerpt

Chip Kelly has been accused of being a racist again by another ex-Eagle. What’s up with all of these accusations? Is it sour grapes? We discuss the latest news surrounding Chip Kelly and his uncomfortable nature around certain cultures.

NBA Playoffs Round 1 Preview

On this week’s episode we’ll talk about….Seven players from the Kentucky basketball team going pro, NBA Playoff preview of all matchups, Jordan Spieth, Tiger, Troy Polamalu, Johnny Manziel…and much more!