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Best of Dead End Sports: 05/03/2016

Dead End Sports talk the controversial ending to Spurs/Thunder. Ken reacts live to the ending of the Raptors/Heat Game 1. Beezy says Stotts should have been coach of the year. Plus Mayweather, Dee Gordon, and more.

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Spurs Get Payback, Beat Warriors | Dead End Sports

Yesterday, we discuss the Spurs victory over the Warriors. Here is our reaction to the win.

The San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors played a primetime matchup Saturday, March 19, 2016. In the first matchup, the Spurs were blasted by Curry and the Warriors. In the rematch, this time in San Antonio, the Spurs shut down Curry and the Warriors.

Mizzou Protests, Colts’ Luck Injury, & More

We talk about the protests by the Mizzou football team and the impact they had on inciting change in Missouri. We also tackle Andrew Luck’s injury and their playoff chances, take a look at early season success and failures of NBA rookies, Fournette’s Heisman chances and much more.

Kobe Bryant Sucks

We talk about Kobe Bryant’s early season struggles and whether or not it will continue. Is Houston in trouble starting out 0-3? Is Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors on a Tom Brady/New England Patriots like mission?

Is Steph Curry the best player in the NBA?

Is Todd Gurley for real? The NCAA announced the top four teams in college football?

We give our take on Leonard Fournette and even discuss some fantasy football talk.

Feefo makes a surprising statement about Lebron James’s legacy.

This is our first show on Blab and was shot live Tuesday at 9PM.

NBA Preview: The Feefo Episode w/Beezy & Kinge

With Feefo unable to attend the NBA Preview show Tuesday on BTR, we decided to do another episode with his expectations for the upcoming NBA Season. This time, we go a bit more indepth breaking down our projections for each division. Take a listen and let us know who you got winning each division or your playoff teams in the comment section.

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