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Here’s our recap of Super Bowl LI. Kyle isn’t happy. Ken is angry and doesn’t want to do the show. Brandon cool. Raf learned a lesson.

Overall thoughts on Super Bowl 51 (2:13:05)
Did the Patriots win it or did the Falcons give it away? (14:27:13)
Who choked it worse – Warriors or Falcons? (30:39:15)
What’s next for the Atlanta Falcons? (39:14:07)
Reactions to Terrell Owens not getting in the Hall of Fame (1:00:33)
Final Thoughts (1:16:47)

New England Patriots x Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl LI Preview

It’s Super Bowl LI week! On today’s podcast, we give you our Super Bowl 51 winner between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. We’ll also touch on the following:

1. What will the Patriots have to do to win the Super Bowl? 1:00

2. What will the Falcons have to do to win the Super Bowl? 9:24

3. We debate if the Patriots run the NFL?

4. Thoughts on Tom Brady Sr. and Kyle Shanahan’s stolen Atlanta Falcon playbook 36:28

5. We give our Super Bowl predictions (with scores) 48:32

6. Where does Serena Williams’ dominance rank among the athletes in any sport of her era? 58:52j

7. Closing thoughts 1:09:12

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NFL Championship Games Recap + Westbrooks All-Star Snub | Dead End Sports

On this week’s podcast, we discuss Big Ben’s retirement claims (1:28), what’s next for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers (15:03), New England’s dominant performance this weeend/season (22:00), the admits he was a Patriot fan (34:00), the beatdown the Falcons put on GB (37:10). We wrap up the show with our look at the NBA All-Star starters (51:43), Feefo and Beezy argue about Curry starting over Westbrook (53:32) and debate who’s more popular – Lebron or Curry (54:21).

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NFL Divisional Recap + AFC/NFC Championship Winners | Dead End Sports Podcast

On this weeks podcast, we recap the NFL Divisional Round between the Atlanta Falcons/Seattle Seahawks (2:16), New England Patriots/Houston Texans (9:45), Pittsburgh Steelers/Kansas City Chiefs (17:20), the 2pt conversion holding penalty (18:55), #FacebookLiveGate (20:57), and Green Bay Packers/Dallas Cowboys (35:21).

We wrap up the show picking winners from the NFC Championship game between the Green Bay Packers/Atlanta Falcons (51:10) and the AFC Championship game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots (1:03:21).

Finally we end the show with our Final Thoughts (1:12:05)

Clemson Gets Revenge on Alabama + NFL Divisional Playoffs Preview | Dead End Sports

On this week’s show, we open with an impromptu discussion about President’s Obama’s Presidential Address (1:36). Then we recap the National Championship thriller between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers (5:22). We touch briefly on Odell Beckham Jr and the Yacht Boyz and debate if that had an impact on the outcome of the Giants/Packers game (34:35). Then we preview the Falcons/Seattle (50:43), Texans/Patriots (57:48), Steelers/Chiefs (59:45), and Packers/Cowboys (1:07:30). Finally we close out the show with our Final Thoughts (1:16:42).

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Klay Thompson Goes Off for 60!!

3:30 – The college playoff is set…Alabama vs Washington & Clemson vs Ohio State. Did they get it right?

18:50 Thoughts on Klay Thompson scoring 60 pts in 29 minutes.

35:13 Where’s Cam? Thoughts on Ron Rivera benching Cam Newton for not wearing a tie to the game?

51:40 Tom Brady has 201 wins as a QB. Where does he rank in your all time QBs?

59:26 With Gronk being out for the season, who are the best teams that are poised to dethrone the Patriots

1:15:48 Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple double. How long can he keep it up and the team still wins?

1:28:34 Who has been the most disappointing NBA team(s) and players this season.

1:40:00 Closing/1 Gotta Go

Best of Dead End Sports: 05/10/2016

In this weeks show, we discussed Curry’s unanimous choice for MVP, his electric performance in Game 4 in which he put up 17 points in OT, and provide updates on our thoughts regarding the rest of the NBA Playoffs.