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Clemson Gets Revenge on Alabama + NFL Divisional Playoffs Preview | Dead End Sports

On this week’s show, we open with an impromptu discussion about President’s Obama’s Presidential Address (1:36). Then we recap the National Championship thriller between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Clemson Tigers (5:22). We touch briefly on Odell Beckham Jr and the Yacht Boyz and debate if that had an impact on the outcome of the Giants/Packers game (34:35). Then we preview the Falcons/Seattle (50:43), Texans/Patriots (57:48), Steelers/Chiefs (59:45), and Packers/Cowboys (1:07:30). Finally we close out the show with our Final Thoughts (1:16:42).

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Klay Thompson Goes Off for 60!!

3:30 – The college playoff is set…Alabama vs Washington & Clemson vs Ohio State. Did they get it right?

18:50 Thoughts on Klay Thompson scoring 60 pts in 29 minutes.

35:13 Where’s Cam? Thoughts on Ron Rivera benching Cam Newton for not wearing a tie to the game?

51:40 Tom Brady has 201 wins as a QB. Where does he rank in your all time QBs?

59:26 With Gronk being out for the season, who are the best teams that are poised to dethrone the Patriots

1:15:48 Russell Westbrook is averaging a triple double. How long can he keep it up and the team still wins?

1:28:34 Who has been the most disappointing NBA team(s) and players this season.

1:40:00 Closing/1 Gotta Go

Best of Dead End Sports: 05/10/2016

In this weeks show, we discussed Curry’s unanimous choice for MVP, his electric performance in Game 4 in which he put up 17 points in OT, and provide updates on our thoughts regarding the rest of the NBA Playoffs.

Best of Dead End Sports: 05/03/2016

Dead End Sports talk the controversial ending to Spurs/Thunder. Ken reacts live to the ending of the Raptors/Heat Game 1. Beezy says Stotts should have been coach of the year. Plus Mayweather, Dee Gordon, and more.

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Spurs Get Payback, Beat Warriors | Dead End Sports

Yesterday, we discuss the Spurs victory over the Warriors. Here is our reaction to the win.

The San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors played a primetime matchup Saturday, March 19, 2016. In the first matchup, the Spurs were blasted by Curry and the Warriors. In the rematch, this time in San Antonio, the Spurs shut down Curry and the Warriors.