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The Cavs are Awful (w/@Deuce1042)

Is James Harden right about wins? He said, “I think that’s the most important thing. I thought winning is what this is about — period. If you set your team up in a position to have a chance, at the ultimate goal, that’s the most important thing.” Is he right or wrong? Should a team’s record be considered in deciding who is the MVP (2:08)

Sergio Garcia wins the Masters (12:33)

Triple Double Champ – Russell Westbrook has averaged a triple double for a season. A feat that hasn’t been accomplished in 55 years. Can this be duplicated? If so, who do you think will do it? 13:37

The Cavs have stumbled at the end of the regular season. How can they fix what’s wrong with them? 26:08

DES Awards – the DES crew pick their winners of the following awards (45:47)

Brandon reminisce on his days at the Palace in Detroit (46:30)

• Defensive MVP (49:19)
• Coach of the Year (52:35)
• Rookie of the Year (1:00:25)

New Logo – Jerry West has said that he wouldn’t mind seeing the NBA remove him as the basketball and replace him as the logo. If that happens, who/what image would you like to see as the NBA logo (1:06:23)

Closing/Final thoughts (1:17:49)

• Brandon – Boxing (1:18:05)
• Desean Watson hating on Lamar Jackson (1:20:03)
• Ken slams the Phoenix Suns and Devin Booker (1:21:08)

Russell Westbrook, the MVP

On this week’s episode, we discuss:

Our thoughts on the NCAA championship game? 2:11

What role did officiating play in the game? 13:23

What are your thoughts on the Miss State coach’s decision to bench his PG for the 4th qtr of the championship game…after her game winning shot beat UConn? 25:58

Romo retires – How do we remember Romo’s career? 37:45

Lance Stephenson/Paul George/Pacers/Cavs Aside 50:53

After his 57 point triple double, is Russell Westbrook the MVP? 56:13

Ron Rivera said Cam Newton “lost confidence” – Was Rivera wrong for saying this? 1:08:01

Will Patrick Ewing succeed at Georgetown? 1:22:31

Closing thoughts 1:31:51

Hey Cavs! Get Your Sh*t Together!

On this week’s podcast, we recap the NCAA Tournament by naming what team(s) or players we were impressed with (1:25), our biggest disappointments (10:24), and we give our winners (20:03) and does UNC have a go to guy (26:25).

Then we move over to the NFL and talk about Kaepernick’s lack of job offers and whether he’s being blackballed or not (28:12) and the Raiders moving to Las Vegas in 2019 (38:57).

Finally we wrap up the show with NBA talk tackling the “resting players” issue plaguing the league (48:28) and the Cavs slump and whether or not we’re concerned (1:09:10).

And we leave you, as always, with our closing thoughts. Feefo talks about LaVar Ball (1:33:25), B has a message for his Pistons (1:34:43), Ken has some advice for DeAaron Fox (1:36:14), and Kyle wraps it up with commentary on Lynn Marshall, wife of Wichita St.’s head coach Gregg Marshall. (1:38:00)

#MarchMadness – Final Four Picks

On this week’s podcast, we pick our Final Four teams (3:08), discuss Duke’s Vegas odds as the favorite to win it all (8:08), give you our double digit seeds we think can make a run in the NCAA Tournament (8:08), and name the players we are looking forward to seeing play in the tournament (17:05).

We wrap up the show with some NFL talk about the Patriots offseason trades (27:23) and the Houston Texans Brock Osweiler trade (38:40)

Reaction: Westbrook Goes for 58!! And Lost

Here’s our live reaction to Russell Westbrook going for 58 points last night versus the Portland Trailblazers. We saw the results of the game after we finished recording. So this is our instant reaction to the results of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s 126-121 loss to the Portland Trailblazers.

Colin Kaepernick Ends Protest x Tony Romo’s Release

On this week’s show, we tackle:

Colin Kaepernick ends protest, will stand for the National Anthem. Is he doing this for a job in the NFL? (1:11)

Is Mark Cuban right, Russell Westbrook isn’t the MVP (17:01)

NFL Free Agents that can make an impact (28:05)

Is the NFL Combine relevant? (40:21)

Tony Romo will be released by the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday. What’s his best fit? (53:20)

Will Andrew Bogut’s injury impact the Cleveland Cavaliers title chances? (59:57)

Final Thoughts – March Madness (Beezy), MLB’s Intentional Walk rule change (Ken), and Michael Jordan’s “ceiling in the roof” (Kyle) (1:06:00)

Got Beef? Shaq vs. JaVale McGee, Draymond vs. Paul Pierce, Feefo vs. Ken

Our winners the NBA Trade Deadline (:32)
Our losers of the NBA Trade Deadline (7:13:15)
Why didn’t some rumored trades happen? (20:51:20)
Feefo and Ken debate Boston’s lack of moves (24:14:18)
Will the Raptors survive without Kyle Lowry? (30:42:11)
GOT BEEF? Shaq vs. JAVAAAALLE MCGEE! (36:02:15)
Is Lavar Ball a problem for Lonzo Ball? (48:17:14)
Was Antonio Brown worth the money? (59:57:15)
Is the Draymond Green/Paul Pierce trash talk going too far? (1:06:17)
Final Thoughts (1:18:09)

WTF? DeMarcus Cousins Traded for Buddy Hield??

We have a packed show this week! This week we talk about:

DeMarcus Cousins traded – are they competitors now? (1:40:15)

Can Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins play together? (16:52)

Boogie Cousins/Buddy Hield trade grades (22:03)

Will Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook beef end after the All-Star Game alley-oop? (35:29)

Earvin “Magic” Johnson named President of Basketball Operations (50:21)

Does the All-Star Game need saving even after Anthony Davis’s 52pts, Kevin Durant’s triple double, and Russell Westbrook’s 41 pts? (1:04:32)

Thoughts on the Slam Dunk competition (1:14:16)

Reactions to Draymond Green’s ‘slave master mentality’ comments about James Dolan (1:23:10)

Final Thoughts (1:36:36)