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Jimmy Butler Wants Out

Jimmy Butler wants to be traded to the Knicks, Clippers, or Nets. Brady and Belicheck beefing. Gronk got shut down. Vontae Davis shut himself down. That and more on this week’s episode.

Time stamps:
Canelo vs. GGG
Mayweather return? (10:23)
Jimmy Butler wants to be traded (12:48)
Brady wanted to divorce Belichik (42:28)
Gronk shut down (50:23)
Black players and coaches (57:41)
Packer’s tie off a terrible call (1:28:45)
Games we looking forward to this weekend (1:48:30)
Vontae Davis (1:54:00)

Aaron Rodgers’s Legacy ft. Nick (@wesisi11) of NoDissRespect (@ndr513)

This week, Nick from NoDissrespect is back. We’re talking a whole lot of football this week. In this free-flowing conversation, they jump from obsessions with NFL contracts, Aaron Rodgers’s legacy, talk top defensive lineman of all time and more.

Jalen Ramsey is All of Us ft. Marcus(@swaffff) & Nick(@wesisi11) of NoDissRespect(@ndr513)

This week, Nick and Marcus from the NoDissRespect podcast join us to talk NFL and NBA. This is the first of two episodes dropping this week.

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Marcus – @swaffff on IG
Nick – @wesisi11 on IG
NoDissRespect – @ndr513 on IG

Zion Williamson (1:20)
Jalen Ramsey (5:45)
Lamar Jackson (16:38)
NFL Canceled? (24:15)
John Elway is a bad GM (38:30)

Problematic NFL Negroes


3:35 – Big3 Atlanta Recap
12:52 – NBA running from players
14:00 – IT3
19:06 – Melo a Rocket
40:16 – Tiger Woods is Back!!
54:55 – Khalil Mack
1:03:00 – Dez Bryant
1:08:53 – Odel Beckham, Jr.
1:20:00 – Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Lamar Jackson
1:44:40 – Dwight Howard the new KD/AD
1:49:50 – Bote’s walk-off grand slam issues

I Promise

After a month off, ya boys are back and we got a lot to catch up on.


Lebron (5:00)
Lebron carried the heat (12:53)
Kinge thinks Lakers might be title contenders (23:45)
Rockets arms race (33:36)
Kawhi swapped for DeRozan (41:54)
Sleeper NBA teams (49:18)
Minnesotta Kevin Love (54:09)
Melo (58:16)
Magic’s Plan (1:03:00)
Kyrie a Knick (1:08:24)
Tristan Thompson face smushes Draymond Green (1:12:50)
I Promist (1:14:45)
Urben Meyet (1:22:50)
Boogie ring chasing (1:32:00)