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80 | Dead End Gaming Ep 2: Fortnite Tutors & PS4 Pro Shortages

We got a name! In this episode, Beezy and Kinge discuss the new name of the show and what’s next for the showFortnite, PS4 shortages, and recommend games to play.

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Kinge’s Destiny:


Games We Care About (8:01)
Devil May Cry 5 Trailer (17:01)
@GroAFro Twitter question: Good games for new gamers (24:32)
News We Care About:
God of War New+ Update (26:29)
Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer (27:33)
Riot Games Sexual Misconduct Issues (29:21)
EA Adds Kaep back to Madden (30:40)
PS4 Pro Shortages (31:55)
NES Classic Outselling Errybody (34:26)
Fortnite Tutors (36:55)
Games Use to Care About (41:03)
Bionic Commando
Listener Questions/Comments (44:49)
Games You Should Care About (46:17)
Smash Brothers
Air Mech

78 | Dead End Gaming Ep 1: Black Folks Game Too – Kinge’s Destiny

Dead End Games or Black Folks Game Too

7:09 – PS Plus Free Games
11:40 – Games we’re playing now
18:00 – Kinge’s Destiny
20:15 – Learning Destiny’s class guides
34:28 – Gaming history
37:02 – Games we recommend