Dead End Gaming

Dead End Gaming: Ep 3 – Big Chainsaw Man

In this week’s episode, Kinge recap his experience playing Evil Within. Plus we give you our weekly take on games we want to play, games we recommend, and games we want back.

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80 | Dead End Gaming Ep 2: Fortnite Tutors & PS4 Pro Shortages

We got a name! In this episode, Beezy and Kinge discuss the new name of the show and what’s next for the showFortnite, PS4 shortages, and recommend games to play.

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Kinge’s Destiny:


Games We Care About (8:01)
Devil May Cry 5 Trailer (17:01)
@GroAFro Twitter question: Good games for new gamers (24:32)
News We Care About:
God of War New+ Update (26:29)
Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer (27:33)
Riot Games Sexual Misconduct Issues (29:21)
EA Adds Kaep back to Madden (30:40)
PS4 Pro Shortages (31:55)
NES Classic Outselling Errybody (34:26)
Fortnite Tutors (36:55)
Games Use to Care About (41:03)
Bionic Commando
Listener Questions/Comments (44:49)
Games You Should Care About (46:17)
Smash Brothers
Air Mech

78 | Dead End Gaming Ep 1: Black Folks Game Too – Kinge’s Destiny

Dead End Games or Black Folks Game Too

7:09 – PS Plus Free Games
11:40 – Games we’re playing now
18:00 – Kinge’s Destiny
20:15 – Learning Destiny’s class guides
34:28 – Gaming history
37:02 – Games we recommend