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2016 So Far (Featuring Chris Adams and Nick Heal)

Nick Heal, Chris Adams & I focus on the hip hop releases of 2016 so far as we are nearly half way through the calendar year. We briefly review the major releases so far in 2016 and we highlight some good releases that people might have missed. To close the podcast we compare the releases so far in 2016 to the releases at this exact point in 2015 and we outline expected releases yet to come in 2016 that got us BUGGIN! This podcast will get you all caught up on all the hip hop you need to hear! 
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Independent Rap Labels (Featuring Colin Popa)

Colin joins me for the first time to talk about independent labels in rap as we compare the best labels to see who is the best and also why TDE is such a unique independent label. 

NBA Draft Lottery & Conspiracies (Featuring Noah Lofman)

My good friend Noah Lofman returns to the podcast to talk NBA Draft Lottery and draft conspiracies, the future of Philly, and we break down both Conference Finals series. its a good one! 

2016 NBA Conference Finals Preview Podcast with Chris Phillips

Today Chris returns to talk NBA Conference Finals giving you everything you need to know! We talk about match-ups, keys to watch and give you our predictions on the series of Toronto vs. Cleveland, Warriors vs. Thunder and we hit on quick NBA news today Karl Anthony-Towns winning unanimous Rookie of the Year, Nate McMillian’s official hiring as the Indiana Pacers new coach and the health of Chris Bosh is once again in question all this plus a hilariously awkward moment at the end of the podcast as Chris Phillips announces his retirement from Twitter. 

Reminder: NBA Conference Finals tips off tonight with game 1 of Warriors vs. Thunder at 9PM EDT.

Views Album Review (featuring. Chris Adams)

Welcome to the first ever album review in my music podcast series! It was only right to do the first one big and what is an album out right now bigger than VIEWS? So i brought my day one homie Chris Adams along for the ride as we talk about the overview of the album, highs and lows, and the current state of Drake’s interesting and controversial legacy. 


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