Black Korea

Remembering John Singleton feat. Therapist Dr. Love Joy (Tiffany Hall)

During this bonus episode, we welcome a new guest to Black Korea Dr. Tiffany Hall aka Dr. Love Joy. We remember the life and art of John Singleton and the importance of medical treatment on all levels. We also discuss the MMR vaccine and the increase in autism in young black males courtesy of Brother Rizza Islam. 

Soul Food vs Korean Food

This week on Black Korea KP & Tiff talk GOT, crazy Uber stories, we cover the male-dominated shady K-Pop business, Shelton talks about Dame Lillard’s 50 point game winner, 51 billion dollars worth of gold smuggled from Africa, our main topic Soul Food vs Korean Food and we finish off the show with Finish The Sentence and One Gotta Go. Check out this episode and find out why Shelton, Andy, and KP want to deport Tiffany from the ATL!!!

Does Korean Culture Accept Interracial Dating?

This week, Black Korea talks about interracial dating acceptance in both cultures. Before we get to the main topic, Shelton revisits Nipsey Hussle’s legacy, Tiffany and KP talk GOT, the crew talks about the Notre Dame Cathedral burning down, Korea overturns abortion laws, One Gotta Go and we introduce a new segment; Finish The Sentence. It’s a jam packed episode so make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel and download all podcasts. 

Asian Privilege In America

This week Black Korea talks about Zion Williamson and March Madness, popular Korean sports and players, why Jussie Smollett’s case was dropped, & our main topic: Asian Privilege. In today’s America minorities are still being discriminated against, but are Koreans and African Americans in the same boat? 

Black Korea Says Goodbye to Nipsey Hussle

On the very first episode of Black Korea we open with talking about the shooting and passing of Nipsey Hussle, American vs Korean marriage proposal traditions, trolling parents, Korean boy bands and their sexual exploits & one has to go; Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse or Beyonce! The cast & crew; Andy, Shelton, Tiffany, and KP all introduce themselves and give insight as to why there’s nothing like Black Korea on the internet!