Black Korea

Polyamory Explored pt. 2 feat. Dr. Love Joy, Jessica & Annie

This week we continue our conversation about the polyamorous lifestyle. One Gotta Go is really interesting; Favorite Sex Positions. Not much to describe if you liked part 1, you’ll love part 2. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. 

Polyamory Explored pt. 1 feat. Dr. Love Joy, Jessica & Annie

This week on Black Korea, we explore the polyamorous lifestyle with special guests Dr. Love Joy, Jessica and Annie. Jessica and Annie are wives in a cohabiting quad relationship. We dig all in their business to find out the how and the why behind polyamory. Before we started the interrogation, we covered a couple of topics such as the Dominican Republic murders, women equality in pro sports and some other things too. This episode is JUICY! Part 2 comes out next Thursday 7/11. Make sure you’re also subscribed to our YouTube channel. 

When They See Us

This week on Black Korea, we discuss Netflix’s docu-series “When They See Us”. We start off the show talking about eating chicken feet; check out our YouTube channel to watch our food vlog. In this episode, the crew gives their thoughts and opinions about the series and how it relates to real life. It definitely gets heated, skip to 1:04 if you want to step into the kitchen. 

Free For All

This week on Black Korea, we decided not to be too formal. No show structure we just talked about everything LOL. We touch on topics from What did you hate as a kid but love as an adult? to How black men deal with hyper tension. Along the way Andy reveals why he doesn’t trust western medicine, Shelton tells us why being black is LIT and we finish as always; One Gotta Go!

Culture Shock

This week on Black Korea, the crew gives a quick recap on how their week went, Shelton gets right into sports as the Warriors make their fifth straight finals appearance despite injuries to KD and Boogie, KP and Tiff revisit GOT finale, we talk Cardi B and canceled shows over lipo recovery, is Dr. Dre clout cashing Nipsey’s name?, how do Koreans view African Americans. Our main topic: Culture Shock. We explore just how weird cultural norms can be. We finish off the show with Finish The Sentence: My boss is? and One Gotta Go; direct deposit, debit card, cash app or credit card?

Using The N Word Freely

This week on Black Korea, we talk about another hip-hop shooting as artist Yo Gotti’s tour bus was shot at, 50 Cent confirms Power Season 6 will be its final installment, Andy meets Mr. Black Korea himself Hines Ward, Tiffany gets extremely passionate discussing Alabama’s new abortion ban, Shelton talks about Zion Williamson to the Pelicans and our main topic; Using The N-Word Freely. Many other cultures feel it’s OK to use this word, is it? We finish the show by finding out what gets KP in the mood and everyone’s favorite One Gotta Go!!! Don’t miss out on a jam-packed episode that is funny, serious and everything in between!

So You Wanna Be A K-Pop Star? feat. Panda

This week on Black Korea, we talk about Nipsey Hussle’s The Marathon Store issuing a statement regarding back orders, Chadwick Boseman becoming the 1st black samurai, Kim Kardashian-West saving 17 inmates in 90 days and the Met Gala’s most glam couples. Our special guest Panda weighs in on what it takes to become a K-Pop star, why she got kicked out JYP Entertainment, how she almost became the face of K-Pop group Wonder Girls and gets A Lister Jo Kwon from the boy band 2AM on the phone! We finish off the episode with our favorite famous person experience and One Gotta Go; Money, Power, Sex or Music? 

5 Love Languages feat. Dr. Love Joy

This week  on Black Korea Shelton talks about the Rockets-Warriors series and the horrible officiating, Kyler Murray is too short to play QB, we discuss a former bus driver gets no jail time even though he admits to rape, Dr. Love Joy helps us explore the 5 Love Languages and we finish up with One Gotta Go. Check us out next week where we discuss How To Become A K-Pop Star.